A little kid with a big camera

At the age of 10, my father decided to share his love of photography by giving me an Olympus Pen-F half frame camera. (I'm dating myself here.) Suddenly, my world narrowed into a 35mm frame and I discovered seeing life through a lens. 

Currently, I'm shooting with a Nikon D800 and I've replaced my darkroom with Photoshop® and other cool gadgets.

The Serious Stuff

I've earned a BA in graphic design with a concentration in abstract painting. By day I'm a graphic designer for a large firm.
I also taught for 8 years at a SUNY college in Advertising and I've won a thing or two in my field.

Fun Time

I'm always exploring new ideas and figuring out how to execute them. Many times I create storyboards or rough sketches to help develop my characters or stories. I love to pick up my guitar to come up with a melody or write a song to switch gears. I'm always up to learning something new. It certainly makes life more interesting.

What Makes Me Tick

By nature, I'm passionate about art and believe that there's a story in everything. I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller. Even when I'm not behind the camera, I see life as a series of stories. Sometimes, I lay awake at night looking at the light coming through the windows with the trees making beautiful patterns on my bedroom wall and I just say, that would make a great shot!  

Check Out My Video Below


Many thanks to Tom and Robin Romeo of Check out their showcase of musicians and artists. They contacted me because they loved my work. At times, I feel a bit shy in front of the camera, but, I gave it a shot!