The Value of Musicians — Musician's Muse

Recently, I decided to add one of my artistic passions on my website — Musician’s Muse. Realizing that musicians are like our soul heroes. Their music can bring amazing feelings to us. I’ve had the honor of experiencing some great performances and the pleasure of capturing some of these artists in their moment of sheer bliss. They all have one thing in common, passion. When you have the honor of being right in front of a performer and you feel that shot coming, it sends a chill right through you. It’s an intimate experience of seeing the raw intensity of the artist playing his heart out.

These images are editorial only and are being shared for enjoyment only.

Song writer  Steve Lee

Song writer Steve Lee

Balancing it All

Well, it's been a couple of months since I have published my work here on the web. To be honest, it has been a lot of work trying to get noticed in this vast virtual world. It's even more difficult cultivating my social networks. The competition out there is fierce. There's so much out there and everyone thinks they're a photographer. Well, isn't that what is being promoted today? Photography is subjective, but, not everyone is a "Photographer". 

Personally, I consider myself a fine art photographer. I have a vision and knowledge that goes beyond even that title. Am I for everyone, absolutely no. But, I have years (not tell how many) of darkroom experience, awards, schooling and knowledge that is in alignment of what a fine art photographer should be. In my opinion, he or she is a visionary soul that reaches in and sees a story that needs to be visually told. 

I'm not setting out to be critical by no means, but, I have seen how the web is acting like the great arbiter of information. It's a bit frustrating.  You have to join social networks to separate yourself and that becomes the same thing. So what's the answer?

My vision as a whole here on the web is to explore how far my creativity can go and share it with people who will appreciate my craft. So, as I write this small posting, I realize that balancing it all is not easy, but, I do love challenges.

What do you think about the web and all the information that is out there? 






Safe Harbor

One of my discussions with my husband this morning was about how I had to make some changes on the way I represent my work on the web. I had made several attempts on revamping my Facebook page and my website, but it wasn't till yesterday, it became clear and I had to take charge of my destination.  My vision crystallized and I felt that I'm ready to take that step. Keeping yourself safe in your harbor and not exploring were you can go is fine, but, there's more out there.

But, wait a minute, I have to face my fears first.

Facing fears, no matter what they are takes strength and you have to stop listening to that little voice that holds you back. Taking the time to really think about why you have these fears can really be insightful. This has been an on going struggle and I finally got my answer. There will always be someone that's better than you and there will be people who may not like your work. So, acknowledging and accepting that fact is key in helping you move forward as a person and as an artist. There's enough room for us here on the web and we should explore how far we can go. I finally decided to take the plunge instead of putting my toes in the water to move out from my safe little harbor and explore!

Remember, it's your adventure, don't let anything hold you back from your dreams. 





Making Peace with Your Decisions

As I work on my website and sift through of work, I'm noticing the change in what I'm doing and how I've grown as an artist. I find myself being very critical and thinking that my work has gotten so much better. So, I discount my former work. Is that fair? We all have our mild stones and that we achieve great feats, but as an artist, that's a continuation. As we grow older and wisdom and life wraps its arms around your being, you are bound to change.

So, I've slimmed down what I feel that best represents me now and what I'm trying to say as an artist. It's not that my old work wasn't up to grade, but, I feel, I've moved on. However, I will have throw back days to share with you. Could be a lot of fun.


Making a Statement about Your Work

As I'm designing my website and really trying to figure out what I want the world to know about me as an artist is not easy or is it to be taken lightly. I've gone through so many phases as an artist and I hope to continue on that path. I would like to invite you on this journey of finding inspiration, creating and being happy as an artist.